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Minutes of 8th Annual General Meeting of the Gloucestershire Bowls Association  

Whitminster Village Hall;  Saturday 12th January 2019:  11.00 am start.

Chair    Lindsay Collin (Kingswood & Hanham BC).  GBA County Administrator.

Welcome by Chair    The Chair welcomed attendees and thanked them for coming to contribute to the meeting and to the democratic process.    


32 clubs attended, represented by 47 people.  9 clubs’ apologies were recorded.  19 GBA officers and officials, in the Association and the two divisions, were also present (with 6 other apologies received).

Minutes of 7th G.B.A Annual General Meeting, 13th January 2018

Accepted as a correct record.

Matters arising  



Chairman’s Report


The Chair firstly offered her thanks for the efforts of various individuals and groups of people in the  year 2017/8 :

      Everybody at club level who works on behalf of their own clubs.  Clubs are the very lifeblood of our sport.  Including, of course, those who, as club secretaries and delegates, represent clubs in this and other County meetings and forums in both Men’s and Women’s Divisions.

Officers and Officials of the two Divisions who administer and run the Association at that level, where most of our routine business and activity is centered.  We should remember that what we all really want to be doing is playing bowls.  But the structure of the sport at both county and national level is vitally necessary.  So the administration is an unavoidable adjunct,  appropriate to many kinds of activity and decision-making, and involving a significant number of our members.

Those colleagues who compose the GBA Joint Executive Committee, either resulting from their divisional positions, or those specifically elected to be part of the Association’s Executive Committee.

Chair noted that the most pleasurable part of her report is that associated with the performance of Gloucestershire at the national level in the previous outdoor season :

“ The most difficult success to attain is as a County, as a County team.   A repeat of the success of the women in the John’s Trophy in 2017 would be a tall order, and so it proved.  But this year, Gloucestershire junior men stepped forward, and it is a pleasure to congratulate the White Rose team on their reaching the national semi-final and playing in that at Leamington.  A day to remember, I know.   I’m personally one of the most regular and dedicated attendees at Leamington, in support of our County, and just love the nationals and everything surrounding them.  One pleasure this year, for me, will be retiring (in June) and being able to attend for even longer periods, for the first time ever, and regularly seeing the Gloucester men perform.   Anyway, in 2018, sincerely well done to Gloucestershire junior men.

In terms of personal successes, 2018 was not a vintage year for Gloucestershire.  In 20 individual and team competitions in both the National Championships and in National Competitions, in which we actually competed, in only four competitions did Gloucester players or teams get beyond the second round at Leamington.  There were undoubtedly some tough games and very near misses, perhaps too many to note, but in only the women’s Senior Pairs (with Rita Gerry, Moreton in Marsh, and Julia Stannard, Nailsworth) and the women’s Seniors Fours (with Sue Jones, Thelma Griffin, Iona Bird and Joy Sheward, Barnwood) did we reach the Qtr Finals (normally the 4th Round).  In the Men’s Pairs (with Joe Hardwick and John Smallwood, Olveston) and in the women’s 2-Wood Singles (with Pam Margrett, Cheltenham Spa) we also reached the 3rd Round or last 16.  Jolly well done to all of them, but here’s hoping for better overall in 2019.

At the purely County level, at our Presentation Dinner on October, I think much enjoyed by most participants, we loudly celebrated the winners and finalists in County competitions.  A very good day.  Too many things to describe in detail here, but these will anyway be featured in the new GBA divisional yearbooks, so be sure to obtain your copies of these.  One thing pointed out to me recently, was that 2018 was almost certainly the first year that sides from the same club won both of the double-rink county competitions, the women’s and the men’s  – Olveston & District BC.   But several clubs will look back at multiple competitions won or finals reached in 2018 – mostly obviously Olveston, Gloucester City, Cheltenham Spa, Cheltenham, Barnwood, Kingswood & Hanham, Ardagh, Gloucester Spa, Bristol St Andrews. “

The Chair finally stressed the importance of clubs dealing with documentation as soon as it is received.  At all stages of the season, but most fundamentally in the late Autumn and Winter, when much annual administration is being carried through by the Association’s officers, officials and committees.  This applies equally to documents to be returned to the County Treasurer and processes carried out by her.  

County Treasurer’s Report  /  GBA 2010 and GBA Consolidated 2017/8 Accounts

The County Treasurer, Jane Hawkes, presented both the GBA Trading and Profit & Loss accounts and also the GBA Consolidated Accounts (supplied as separate documents) for financial year 2017/8.  She initially thanked previous County Treasurer Maddie Hale for her advice during the year.

In addition, the County Treasurer made a few general comments :

The accounts had proved more straightforward to assemble in 2017/8, though as always very time-consuming.  In the divisional accounts there were, this year, none of the contrasts between the two apparent in 2016/7, with generally proportional patterns of both income and expenditure.  

It was not proposed to look at the accounts in detail, but members were invited to ask questions.  None were forthcoming.

The GBA and Bowls England affiliations were obviously central components in all the accounts – GBA 2010, Men’s and Women’s.  Happily, the process of collecting the affiliation fees this year had proved to be slightly less complex, with responses by clubs generally both more timely and more complete; additional guidance offered this year had proved helpful.  This comment referred to both the member additions advised by clubs during the season and also the end-of-season returns.  A few clubs had to be chased up and a very few were still being sought and needed urgently, as payment to Bowls England is imminent.  After this, the allocations to the divisions will be determined.

In the Bowls England return, the numbers of BE Yearbooks ordered by Gloucestershire (Association and clubs) are also required.  Still some chasing up to be done on this, as the form had not always been sent back.  So spare copies of the Yearbooks would be included in the order, as it was probable that clubs would in practice come looking for at least a minimum number of this information source.

The 2017/8 accounts will appear in the GBA 2019 Club Handbook.

Proposals for changes in MD administration and resulting changes in GBA Constitution & Rules   (see separate document supplied, for details)


The Chair essayed a summary of the proposals for administrative change that had come from the Men’s Division Annual Delegate Meeting, in October 2018.  These had been discussed at length in the Joint Council Meeting in November 2018, prior to be taken back to the clubs, for them to decide their AGM votes on all matters.  Today would simply be a process of voting, with no further discussion.


Each proposal was described, and then voted upon, in turn.  All proposals were accepted unanimously.

[While referring to the proposal in relation to the GDPR, Clause 2.10, the Chair thanked David Skeats for his thorough work in ensuring that the GBA has such a GDPR Policy, and that many GBA clubs had also adopted the draft club GDPR policy produced by David and recommended to them. ]

Proposals for membership of GBA Joint Executive Committee

The list of proposals for membership of the JEC was summarised in the meeting’s agenda.

The block acceptance of the 2018/9 Joint Executive Committee was accomplished, by unanimous approval of the meeting.

County Administrator    Lindsay Collin

Deputy County Administrator   Martin Bevan

County Treasurer (ex-officio)   Jane Hawkes

Assistant County Treasurers     Avril Hole & Keith Hawkes

County Fixture Secretaries     Myra Savage & Roger Harrison

Divisional Representatives                  Linda Bennett & David Rolls

Bowls England Delegates                 Lindsay Collin & Clive Bennett

Co-opted Member (as Lindsay Collin has 2 roles)      Anne Beaven

Open forum

Regional draws in national competitions

The Chair referred to a recent communication from Bowls England regarding the organisation of the county element of the draws for National Competitions (National Champion of Champions, Senior Pairs and Singles, Mixed Pairs, Tony Allcock Trophy, Top Club, Family Pairs, to name just a few).   These could in practice either be ‘open’ or ‘regional’ within counties – Gloucester being presently ‘regional’ (a ‘stratified’ draw with each of the 4 geographical sections being drawn in turn, so that opponents would normally be geographically close in the first few rounds).  In December, she had conducted a ‘straw poll’ amongst a number of officers, officials and others within the GBA, as there had not been time for a wider exercise before the return had to be made.  The outcome of this had been slightly in favour of ‘open’ draws, but it had been decided that the present ‘regional’ basis should not be changed for 2019, as some national competition entries had already been made.  So a complete poll would be made in the County some time in the next few months.  In the meantime, the Chair had asked BE to make the 2019 ‘regional’ draw on a more logical basis in relation to geographical proximity.  The meeting was in agreement with this decision about how to proceed.

The Chair reminded the meeting that National Competition entries needed to be made (online) by 1st February.



The Chair gave an update on the production of the three new handbooks for 2019.  These would have to be prioritised, as they needed to be compiled and printed in time for the March 2019 Delegate Meetings.  The Chair was basically undertaking most of this work, but she also alluded to the sterling preparatory work already done by Ian Gauld, MD Competition Secretary, on the competition element of the MD Yearbook.

Web sites

The situation in relation to the 3 GBA Web sites – the ‘GBA Portal’ and the men’s and women’s Web sites – was also recounted.  The Chair noted that these should come fairly directly from the information in the 3 handbooks, so the 2019 Web updates would be undertaken principally after the handbooks were completed and with the publisher.  Sylvia Pearse had meanwhile agreed to take over from Reg Tibbles as Website Manager for the Men’s Division.  There were issues in relation to software and to the ‘Web hosts’ that needed further consideration.



David Skeats (Frampton on Severn BC) presented his views on the state of ‘unification’ within the GBA, asserting that some aspects of the GBA administrative structure were both immoral and illegal; David also indicated that he had sought legal advice, which he felt had substantiated his views on various situations.  After listening to what David had to say, a series of responses were forthcoming, from GBA Officers and other GBA members.  With only one exception, these all disagreed with David’s assessment.  

Though she pointed out that the JEC had already considered the matter of ‘unification’ on several occasions, including in Autumn 2018, the Chair concluded a lengthy discussion by inviting David to make a further submission to the JEC for their consideration.  

The meeting closed at 12.35 pm.

Date of 2020 Annual General Meeting :   

Saturday 11 January 2020 at 11.00am.  Venue - Whitminster Village Hall

Gloucestershire Bowls Association – Men’s Division

President:   Keith Bedford  Chairman: Ken Manns        

Secretary:  Martin Bevan     E mail:


Held on Saturday 3rd March 2019, at the Barnwood Bowling Club.

The meeting was opened by our Acting Chairman Ken Manns at 10.07am. He welcomed everyone and thanked them for turning out, and explained that we had to arrange a different venue, due to there being a meeting already booked at Cotswold BC.

In attendance were:  Keith Bedford (P), Gareth Tarplee (Snr VP), Martin Bevan ( Jnr VP &  Sec), Ken Manns (Cm), Roger Harrison (Fix Sec), Ian Gauld ( C/Comps Sec), Rob Griffiths (M'ton Team Manager), Bob Garton (Stroud Sec) & George Thomas ( Chelt Sec.)

Apologies were received from: Dave Williams (IPP), David Rolls (County Coach), Derek Turner (Bristol Sec), Keith Hawkes County Trsr)

The Chairman KM, then addressed the attendees on the issues and problems our new secretary faces, as he is new to the role, and made the point that any help that we can give him, now and in the future, would help him enormously.

KM then asked MB to sort out dates for this forthcoming season for both Management and Delegates’ meetings, and to then let everyone know about them via e-mail.  MB to look and ask if we can hold the meetings at Cotswold BC, he must make sure that they do not clash with JEC meetings, and to liaise with Lindsay Collin, about the dates.

The last meeting’s minutes could not be located, and it was thought that they may have been mislaid after they were handed over.

Therefore, there being no minutes available we could not address “Matter’s arising".

Chairman’s Report

KM thanked everyone for their support, and stated that he hoped things would improve with time, as we move forward into the new season, and promised that he will do his upmost to help ALL clubs within the County, and would be there to guide MB as our new Secretary.

Secretary’s Report

MB stated that he was in discussion with Lindsay Collin with ref to the Bowls England matches. LC has indicated that we should send our completed availability forms to her, to forward to Bowls England.  However, there is a statement on the form requesting the user to forward their availability sheets direct to Bowls England.                        

Action: M Bevan to resolve.

Treasurer’s Report

KH has sorted out the budget for the 2019 season, and this was approved at the Finance meeting held on 27/02/19.

KH has also looked into the "allowances" that everyone receives, and it was felt that the secretary’s allowances were too high, now that his role has decreased, MB said he agreed and would be happy to take a reduction. We then approved the change into an allowance for the County Competitions Secretary, from a fixed expenses value. The Delegates meeting on 9th March, to be notified accordingly.

KH had also emphasised that no further purchases must be made on behalf of the GBA, until it had been authorised by him and the Management Committee.

Fixtures Secretary

RH advised that we have got another fixture booked for 21st July v Victory Park B.C. in their Centenary year, 4/5 rinks.

The game against Monmouthshire, venue is still TBA, and the Under 25's trial on 21st April is cancelled.

County Competitions

IG tabled a query concerning a player who had left his club, from where he still wished to play his competitions, if he got a "social membership" from that club, could he still play his competitions out of it.  The answer was "NO”, as he would not be a full member of that club. He can only play competitions out of a Club of which he is a full affiliated member.


1.  Could we purchase a cabinet and display the GBA trophies in it at the Cotswold IBC.

We were advised we would have to write to the Cotswold Board of Directors first to get their approval, and we would have to pay the insurance for cover of our trophies.

RG did say that some of our member's did   like   to hold onto the trophy that they have won, and display it in their home. The matter will be further discussed once we have the Cotswold response.

IG has also been looking into this issue.

2.  RG asked if GT could still be match official for the Middleton Cup matches. The reply was that we now have a new match official in KM, and he now has all equipment (scorecards, stickers, \county shirts, etc), and he was willing to help.

3.  Nomination forms for those players wishing to play for the County has not been sent out yet, to the individual club secretaries.

4.  Development of the youth within the County.  KB stated that he knew that at the Bowls Development Alliance (BDA), there was talk  of  having  an  "Open day"  for  new  people  to  play  bowls,  this  is  also  being  looked  into  by  our JEC.

5.  We need to help our Secretary, and give him a job description so he knows what to work to.  KM promised to put together some notes for the guidance for MB.

6.   MB asked if the Press Officer & Webmaster could attend the Management meetings. The reply was "NO" unless they were co-opted to  attend. There is a list of whom can attend in the GBA handbook as in Rule 6.1 on page 66 and Rule 9 on page 71.

7. There were various comments made about the website not being up and running, this was due to the fact that Reg Tibbles has now retired from running our website, and the new webmaster is learning how to get a new one up and running with help from Lindsay Collin, to date one section has been done covering the Bristol section competition draw.

Please bear with our new webmaster, thank you.

Date of next Management meeting is Saturday 4th May 2019.

There is a Delegates meeting on Saturday 9thMarch '19, starting at10.00am at Cotswold IBC.

The Chairman, KM, then thanked Barnwood Bowls Club for hosting our meeting at short notice, and closed the meeting at 11.34 am.


Gloucestershire Bowls Association – Men’s Division

President:   Keith Bedford Chairman: Ken Manns         

Secretary:   Martin Bevan     E mail:

Minutes of the Delegates’ Meeting held on Saturday 9th March 2019 at Cotswold BC at 10:00

Before the commencement of the meeting the Chairman (KM) outlined the changes to the officers that had taken place after the last delegate meetinKeith Bedford (KB) had called an emergency management meeting on Saturday 20th October 2018 at Barnwood BC due to the resignation of David Skeats the then secretary. Prior to this resignation Keith Hawkes (KH), the treasurer had also resigned. Martin Bevan (MB) had been co-opted into the treasurer position. Under the constitution Rule 6.9 this would result in MB carrying out the duties of both treasurer and secretary.  The purpose of this meeting was to appoint a permanent secretary.  KH had made it known to the committee that he would like to withdraw his resignation.  MB stepped down as treasurer and KH was put in place, MB was then co-opted into the secretary position.  KM was co-opted as Men’s Chairman.  The constitution changes were discussed and passed at the Association AGM on January 12th 2019

Dave Hopkins (Bishops Cleave) addressed his concern that this meeting was unconstitutional as there were few officers present at this meeting.  KB assured him that although some members of the executive were not available for the meeting a quorum was achieved.  KH was not present at the meeting during the discussion and vote.  MB was entitled to be there as Junior Vice President.  Lyndsey Collin was present at this discussion and assured the delegates that the procedure had been carried out in accordance with the constitution.  DH still voiced his concerns over this meeting and also that there had been difficult relationships within the committee, KM said that those problems should have been resolved by the then committee.  To move on with the delegates meeting KM said that either the meeting continue with the current officers in order to keep the continuity of the association going throughout the year or the delegates could go away and form a new committee.  The consensus was to carry on with the delegates meeting.  The Chairman then introduced Sylvia Pearse to the delegates as minute secretary for the meeting.

Apologies:  Keith Hawkes, Clive Bennett, Derek Severs, David Rolls, Steve Hopkin, Glen Wintle, Ian Gauld, Gloucester City BC, Henleaz BC. The secretary holds the signing list for the meeting.

In Memorium: A minutes silence was held for those no longer with us, Dave Jenkins, Ron Smith, Roy Jones –Page Park, Stan Elliot – Life Vice President of the GBA and Glos City, Dan Costillion – Caer Glow, Pat Main – Barnwood, Brian Hammett – GCSBC and Glos City, Dave Longley, Ken Summer-Hayes – Redland Green, Ian Bowser – Greenbank

Minutes:  Some delegates voiced concern that they had not received the minutes of the last meeting.  The Secretary, MB stated that he had emailed them to all delegates on the current mailing list, if perhaps a little later than usual. Gareth Tarpley, Senior Vice President and DH voiced concern that they used to receive minutes of all meetings but had not done so recently.  Up until his resignation David Skeats had written up and distributed all minutes. The consensus was that draft minutes be written an distributed immediately after meetings and then emailed again along with the agenda prior to the next meeting.  The minutes of the 6th October 2018 were passed and signed by the Chairman

Matters arising: DS asked for an update on item 18.40, publicity officer and web master. The chairman confirmed Sylvia Pearse had volunteered for the posts.  DH voiced his surprise as the Cheltenham section were to have proposed Stephen Hopkins for webmaster but it appears this was not conveyed to the management committee  

Chairman’s report:

   To aid the smooth running of the association, KM an KB would help the new secretary MB while he learns the required procedures.   

Secretary’s report:

   MB apologised for his slow start in the position and is intent to getting to grips with the computerised filing system. DS has sent a helpful document for training in this. Dates have now been set for the management and delegates meetings.  These may not correspond to the dates in the handbook owing to the venue not being available.  In future years the venue will be booked so dates will not need to be changed.  The dates for 2019 the management meetings are: May 4th, June 29th, October 12th. The 2019 dates for the delegates meetings are July 6th and October 19th.  (NB these are different to the dates mentioned in the meeting).  It may be necessary to arrange extra management meetings.

 Treasurers report:

   In the absence of KH, hard copies of the accounts were presented to the delegates.  The chairman presented a report from the finance committee the main talking point was a review of officers’ allowances.  They were deemed to be too inflated as there is less work to be carried out with minutes and agendas emailed rather than printed and posted.  The secretary’s allowance will be £700 (reduced from £1500) and the competitions secretary allowance will be fixed at £200.

   DS voiced concerns that the association may be in breach of the equality law. As we are a combined association are these new allowances in line with those of the ladies’ section? The fact that MB stated that the ladies are happy with the status quo may not be sufficient to satisfy the law and the practice is highly questionable.  DS to take this up in writing with the county administrator.

Fixtures Secretary Report:

Roger Harrison, RH, reported a few alterations to the Men’s Handbook, the Under 25 trial may not be played, management committee to follow this up. An extra game is scheduled on Sunday 21st July at Victory Park for their 100th anniversary and the match against Monmouth will take place on Tuesday 20th August, venue still to be announced.

Competitions: Ian Gauld was not present at the meeting but had reported that everything was under control

Bowls England: Clive Bennett is still receiving treatment and is not at present able to drive. No report was submitted

Team Manager Report:

Rob Griffiths not present at meeting.  RH said that officers should make every effort to attend these meetings and if unable to, to send a written report. MB to send reminders to this fact. As RH had already reported the U25’s trial is unlikely to be run.  Two new U25 bowlers have moved to Gloucestershire from Wales and Surrey so that will help the ‘White rose’ team.  A query was raised about his advisors, the 4 existing advisers are still in place

12. Benevolent fund

   In Derek Severs absence the chairman reported that one hamper had been sent out at Christmas.  Derek as usual appealed for funds.  DH proposed that perhaps the collection box should be sent around more or the delegates could ask their clubs for a donation, some clubs already do this.  Also, club presidents have their own favourite charity. Phil O’Riley asked where the money is spent and the chairman replied hampers and flowers to widows.

13.Date:  Date time and place of next meeting is Saturday 6th July, 10am, Cotswold BC.  (NB this has changed from the date mentioned during the meeting.

14. Any other business:

Phil Beams, Cam BC and Stroud selector wanted to know who was the new selector for Cheltenham section. DH who was a Gloucester selector has moved from the Gloucester section to Cheltenham and put himself forward, Cheltenham section to discuss.

Dave Williams, IPP, had not received an application for bowls England matches.  MB stated he had sent an email to all eligible people including Dave.  There was confusion amongst the delegates as to the proper procedure.  Those receiving invitations should send the form back to bowls England if they are interested. If they are not interested, they should inform the secretary so the invitation can be reallocated.  Individuals should not pass them on to another person themselves.

In the past there has been a problem tracking down the trophies for the presentation lunch and some had been returned damaged.  MB had asked Cotswold BC if they would house a cabinet provided and insured by the county so a central place could display county trophies.  They declined stating lack of space.  DH pointed out that this had been discussed previously and Pineholt and agreed to house a cabinet.  It appears not to have been actioned. MB to follow up.

SP, webmaster, announced the password for the competitions contact page will be set at ‘comptact’ lower case no spaces.

The club yearbooks and men’s handbooks were distributed prior to the meeting. The section secretaries collected for the clubs in their section who did not send a delegate.  Extra books can be purchased from the treasurer, Keith Hawkes, for £1.50 a copy.  (K.H to collect these from MB).  Lyndsey Collin thanked Ian Gauld for his help in compiling the new format handbooks.  At the time of going to print 17 out of 60 clubs had not sent updated information about their officers and delegates and few errors have been noticed and will be put on the errata page on the website


Re: Draft minutes Management meeting 27/4/19

AOB matters arising.2 is not factually correct. The matter has been resolved but not in the manner stated. Please amend to the following:

The matter has been resolved. All players who enter competitions must be affiliated, the player concerned states that he has paid an affiliation fee, included in his social+ membership, and also states that he has reached an agreement with the Club that he may play his competitions on their green. The Competition Secretary recommends a Constitution change to reflect that all competitors should be 'full playing members' which would avoid this situation arising again.   

Ian Gauld

Gloucestershire Bowls Association – Men’s Division

President:   Keith Bedford  Chairman: Ken Manns       

Secretary:   Martin Bevan, E mail:


Held on Saturday 27th April 2019, at the Barnwood Bowling Club.

In attendance

Chairman:  Ken Manns  Senior VP: Gareth Tarplee Junior VP: Martin Bevan

Immediate PP: Dave Williams Secretary: Martin Bevan Treasurer: Keith Hawkes

Fixtures Sec:  Roger Harrison Chelt/ham    Stroud

      Section Sec: George Thomas Section Sec: Bob Gartan

(Also Present, Dave Hopkins President 2016)

Apologies for absence

President:  Keith Bedford Comp Sec: Ian Gauld

  1. The Chairman, Ken Manns, opened the meeting at 10:05 and welcomed everyone to the meeting and was glad to see Martin Bevan was recovering after his spell in hospital.  He thanked Sylvia Pearse (minute secretary) for checking the men’s secretary emails. Any replies were sent with the full permission of Keith Bedford, Ken Manns and Martin Bevan. Due to the untimely death of Clive Bennett, the reason for this Extraordinary Management Meeting was to appoint an acting Bowls England Representative until ratified at next Delegates Meeting.
  2. There was only one name put forward, Dave Williams (Cam Mills Bowls Club and Immediate Past President).  He was therefor duly appointed to the post of Bowls England Representative for the Men’s Division.

Action by Martin Bevan to notify date of Bowls England Meetings and JEC committee meetings to Dave Williams.

  1. AOB
  1. The next Management meeting was scheduled for 4/5/19.  It was proposed by Ken Manns that this would no longer be required.  George Thomas asked that in view of that, the minutes of the Management Meeting held on 3/3/19 should be ratified.  These minutes had previously been distributed by email attachment but, unfortunately some members were unable to open/print the document.  The secretary had not been made aware of this. Printed copies were produced.  George Thomas proposed that the minutes were a true record of the meeting, seconded by Roger Harrison, the chairman then signed them.
  1. Matters Arising
  1. Trophy cabinet – Pineholt has withdrawn the offer to house the county trophies.  The current procedure of winners housing their trophy will continue.
  2. Ian Gauld confirmed to the secretary by email that a potential problem over which club a member may play their comps from has been resolved.  They must be a full member of their club. The situation had arisen because the person in question was a Social Plus member of their previous club (paying full membership) which carried affiliation rights as well a full membership of their current club.
  3. Roger Harrsion corrected, the centenary match against Victory Park is 5/6 rinks
  4. Websites – Although still being developed, all three websites have been published to the web.  The portal through which the men’s and women’s division sites can be entered is The men’s website is and the ladies
  1. Number of meetings.

Ken Manns started a discussion as to whether meetings were necessary during the summer.  Dave Williams thought it important that they did take place as time is needed to prepare and send out nomination forms to clubs giving them time to discuss nominations for the following years Officers and Officials.  

Action: Martin Bevan to work out cut off dates for nominations

It was decided that the scheduled meeting for the next management meeting on 29th June would take place when a decision will be made as to whether the delegates meeting would be necessary. The 20th July is therefore a provisional date for the next delegates meeting.

Action: Bob Gartan to liaise with Cotswold BC secretary to clarify opening times of the club during the outdoor season.

Action: Ken Manns to approach Barnwood BC to book meetings should Cotswold be unavailable.

Management Meeting on 12th October 2019 and Delegate’s meeting on 19th October are booked to take place at Cotswold BC

  1. George Thomas pointed out that use of initials in minutes could be confusing as there are members with the same initials. (Full names have been used in these minutes)
  2. When corrected telephone numbers for competitors are advised to the secretary he should forward these to club secretaries as they are not being published on the website.
  3. Last August Bob Gartan passed a letter to the then secretary from Peter Iles, Cotswold Marketing Director.  Although the content has been discussed. passed to the JEC and is ongoing, this had not been reported back to Peter.

Action: Martin Bevan to liaise with JEC Administrator for reply to Peter.

  1. Kens Manns has stored every set of minutes and Handbooks up until 2012 in the Gloucester records office and suggests that this should be carried out regularly.
  2. Date of next Management meeting Saturday June 29th, 10am. Venue to be confirmed.

Meeting closed at 11:10